Wine bottle labels

For Packaging Design class at Columbia College, we were given a design brief for a fictional winery looking to launch the Dulcinea line of wines. The students had to come up with a back story for the winery and create several looks based on that. Because the fictional company was based in the La Mancha region of Spain, I chose to use the Don Quixote story, especially the iconic image of the windmill as the inspiration for the design.



Boutique chocolate bars

Created die, mock-up boxes, and shelf shot of packaging for a fictional boutique chocolate company. The design is inspired by the seal of the city of Chicago and micro brewery beer labels.




Barbeque sauce bottles

Redesigned the sauce bottles for Open Pit barbeque sauce. The old design said nothing about Open Pit or what they wanted to convey to buyers. After researching the company I found that their aim is at home grillers and therefore decided on a theme of “homestyle.”